How to Get Rid of Robocalls

A growing complaint among most cell phone users is the increase in unwanted robocalls. These include both legitimate, but unwelcome, marketing calls from businesses and politicians as well as dangerous spoofed calls designed to trick you into giving out your personal information. The FCC is trying to protect consumers from these calls but to date have only stemmed the tide of this ever-growing problem. Currently the FCC is doing the following:

  • Developing caller ID authentication with providers to stop spoofing.
  • Enforcement actions against robocallers that are in the hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Working with companies to develop software to track and block robocalls.
  • Working with phone service providers to block robocalls before they reach consumers.

Despite all this robocalls are still getting through to a record number of users every hour. Fortunately, there are several ways a consumer can help stop these calls themselves.

Tell Them to Stop and Possibly Make Money Doing It

This sounds like a ridiculous thing to do but not only can you tell them to stop, you can make them stop and possibly make money in the process. Many robocalls are illegal and the company calling you may be breaking the law. If that is the case, then you can demand payment for the illegal call. The process is fairly simple, and you can learn more about that here.

Don’t Answer Calls from Unknown Numbers

The caller ID number you see isn’t necessarily the number that is calling you. This is called spoofing and is causing problems for many consumers. One of the most common spoofing scams is the offer to lower credit card rates or improve your credit score. The reason for these scams is to collect personal information and hijack the credit of the victim. If you really need credit counselling or some kind call the company directly. This way you always know who you are speaking with.

Do Not Press a Number to Stop Future Calls

“Press 7 to stop receiving calls about this offer” or some premutation of this statement is all too common. Do not press a number, simply hang up. By interacting with the call in any way is alerting the scammer that you exist and will answer the phone.

Call Them Back

If you get a call from a company you are actually doing business with such as your credit card provider do not give them any information. Ask for the name and extension of the caller then look up the corporate number yourself. Call the company and ask for the original caller. If they exist, you are on the right track. This ensures you are speaking with the correct company and you can safely do your business.

User the Do Not Call List

The likelihood of this actually stopping all robocalls is slim in the extreme, however it may at least decrease them. It is fast and easy to add yourself to the list and it is certainly worth the time. Click here to get on the Do Not Call List.