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Beat Maker Online

Lay down amazing tracks like the DJ you just saw at the club and write bangers that BOOM. Make people want to get out on the floor and jam now and create the perfect drum track for your new song! All you need is the right software, your computer and your passion for beats and music. Here we will discuss simple tools you can use to make simple beats or advanced drum lines depending on what you are looking for.

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EZ Drummer 2

If you are a drummer or know what you are doing enough to fake it then EZdrummer 2 might be for you. The software will let you edit a drum loop down to the individual note as well as create a beat from scratch using various interfaces. Drum pads, keyboards, pedals, and other MIDI interfaces can be used to control EZdrummer 2 but are not necessary. 

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Stylus RMX Drums

If you already know a little bit about beat maker software and have a Digital Audio Workstation then this might be for you. Stylus RMX is called a groove-based software plugin, so let’s unpack what that is. Groove-based means that the software breaks down beats to grooves meaning that even when a loop is broken down to its simplest form it is still identifiable.

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